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CH-D Wirtschaft 2020, December 2020

Working from home and expenses in Switzerland - an overview

Since March 2020 until today, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, an unprecedented amount of work has been done from home (working from home). According to estimates, around 30% of the people employed in Switzerland performed this type of work during the lockdown. Certain industries still adhere to working from home to this day. Moreover, with the tightening of the relaxed measures, many employees are once again returning to working from home. With a view to Swiss labor law, the following is a brief concise overview of "Expenses" and how the employer should handle its employees in the working from home situation.

Raffael Steger, Hubert Rüedi

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KMU Magazin No. 3, March 2023

Three Divorce Myths put to the Test

Many myths and prejudices surround the institution of divorce. This article dispels three common separation and divorce myths.

Luca Eigensatz, Dr. iur. Markus Kaufmann

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KMU Magazin No. 1/2, January/February 2023

Revised Stock Corporation Law Changes 2023

Which relevant innovations does the revised stock corporation law hold for companies? We present the most important modernizations and changes.

Dr. iur. Markus Kaufmann, Andrea Meule

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KMU-Magazin No. 11/12, November/December 2022

Legal innovations for 2023

Each new year, countless new or amended laws and regulations come into force. We have summarized the most important changes for you.

Andrea Meule, Luca Eigensatz

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KMU-Magazin No. 10, October 2022

Entrepreneur and Divorce

The consequences of a divorce can have a serious impact on the assets of the spouses. You can find information on possible approaches here.

Dr. iur. Markus Kaufmann, Luca Eigensatz

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KMU-Magazin No. 09, September 2022

Construction law: when is it criminal?

Anyone who intentionally or negligently violates the recognized rules of construction engineering may be liable to prosecution.

Mathias Birrer, Dr. iur. Davide Pinelli

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KMU-Magazin No. 07/08, July/August 2022

Aging Employees: Freedom to terminate versus abusive dismissal

When are terminations considered abusive? The following report sheds light on abusive termination and outlines the stumbling blocks to avoid abusive termination, also in the case of older employees.

Raffael Steger, Luca Eigensatz

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KMU-Magazin No. 06, June 2022

Building without a building permit is not worth it

Even if a building or plant does not require a building permit according to your own assessment, it is advisable to inform the relevant building authority about the planned building project in advance and to clarify the obligation to obtain a building permit. This article provides information about the building permit requirement and the exceptions to it.

Mathias Birrer, Dr. iur. Davide Pinelli

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KMU-Magazin No. 04/05, April/May 2022

Data processing agreements and Data protection

Due to the increasing flood of data, companies are increasingly employing external service providers for data processing. This article looks at whether and how specific agreements have to be made which concern data security and data protection.

Andrea Meule, Christine Fariña

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krfacts March Edition 2022

New Stock Corporation Law - More Flexibility for Companies

The revised provisions of the Stock Corporation Act, which are to come into force on January 01, 2023, bring, among other things, more flexible capital regulations, modernize the General Meeting of Shareholders and strengthen shareholder rights. Below you will find a selection of practice-relevant innovations and information requiring review and action by companies.

Andrea Meule, Dr. iur. Markus Kaufmann

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