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KMU Magazin No. 3, March 2024

How Arbitration/Conciliation actually works

"Arbitration before litigation" is firmly anchored in the Swiss culture of dispute resolution. In principleproceedings may only be initiated after the parties have attempted mediation. But what exactly does conciliation mean? What rules apply and what are the challenges?

Dr. iur. Irma Ambauen, Raffael Steger

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krfacts April Edition 2024

Questions and answers on the topic of "Staff leasing"

Employers often mistakenly think only of their "own" recruitment agency, when in fact they themselves are recruiters. In the case of staff leasing what needs to be considered?

Raffael Steger, Dr. iur. Markus Kaufmann

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KMU Magazin No. 1/2, January/February 2024

Family law terminology and its use

Legal jargon is often not used in the correct context or with the wrong meaning, which in turn leads to misunderstandings. This article sheds light on the most common family law terms and their actual meaning and clears up misconceptions.

Luca Eigensatz, Dr. iur. Markus Kaufmann

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krfacts December Edition 2023

Legal Changes in 2024

With the start of each new year, numerous new laws and regulations come into force or are amended. We have summarized the most important changes for the coming year for you.

Luca Eigensatz, Andrea Meule

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KMU Magazin No. 10, October 2023

175 years of the Swiss Federal Constitution

The Federal Constitution forms the basic legal order of the Swiss Confederation and regulates, among other things, the fundamental rights and duties of citizens. Modern Switzerland celebrates its 175th birthday in 2023.

Susanna Auf der Maur-Quinn

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KMU Magazin No. 9, September 2023

Residential buildings: Investing in tranquility

The need for rest is gaining in importance. This is especially true within our own four walls. It is therefore worthwhile to take this into account even before the purchase.

Mathias Birrer, Dr. iur. Davide Pinelli

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KMU Magazin No. 7/8, July/August 2023

Variable Pay - Incentive and Obligation

What are the pitfalls and traps the employer has to be aware of regarding variable wages? In the following, a short round trip will refer to the bonus and the most frequently asked questions about it.

Raffael Steger, Dr. iur. Markus Kaufmann

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KMU Magazin No. 6, June 2023

Switzerland and the USA: "Never bet against America

Warren Buffett: "Never bet against America." - manic American optimism, a bold statement from an investment genius, or a bit of both?

Susanna Auf der Maur-Quinn, Andrea Meule

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KMU Magazin No. 4/5, April/May 2023

Statutory arbitration clauses as an opportunity for SMEs

Swiss corporations will be able to have corporate disputes decided by an arbitration court based in Switzerland as of January 1, 2023.

Dr. iur. Irma Ambauen, Andrea Meule

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CH-D Wirtschaft 2020, December 2020

Working from home and expenses in Switzerland - an overview

Certain industries still adhere to home office to this day. With a view to Swiss labor law, an overview of "expenses" and home office is provided below.

Raffael Steger, Hubert Rüedi

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