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krfacts November Edition 2021

Leave of absence in Labour Law

Changes in personnel occur in different ways, but are generally aimed at terminating the employment relationship. The release of the employee is particularly important in the case of termination of the contract by mutual agreement. In the case of dismissals, it is often the case that the employee does not wish to remain in the company.

Raffael Steger, Luca Eigensatz

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KMU-Magazin No. 09, September 2021

Extended testamentary freedom for testator

At the end of 2020, the Parliament adopted the revised law of succession. The aim of the revision was to do more justice to today's diverse forms of life. The article deals with these newly won freedoms and shows whether there is a need for action for testators who have already disposed of their estate by means of a will or a contract of succession.

Dr. iur. Markus Kaufmann, Andrea Meule

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krfacts October Edition 2021

Supplementary benefits and kinship benefits

In addition to AHV, IV and helplessness allowances, the social foundation of our state also includes supplementary benefits (EL for short). If the pension income and assets are not sufficient to cover the minimum living costs, it is necessary to check whether there is a claim for supplementary benefits.

Dr. iur. Markus Kaufmann, Andrea Meule

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KMU-Magazin No. 07/08, July/August 2021

When continuing education costs should be subject to repayment

If employees are unable to apply the skills acquired through continuing education in their day-to-day work, there is a risk that they will quit. In this context, the question arises whether and, if so, which continuing education should be financed and in which cases a possible repayment obligation should be agreed.

Raffael Steger, Luca Eigensatz

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KMU-Magazin Nr. 06/07, June/July 2021

Legal aspects of digital building and data protection

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a method for digitizing the planning, execution, utilization and deconstruction phases of buildings. The article highlights the legal aspects that must be taken into account when collecting and exchanging the necessary data.

Dr. iur. Davide Pinelli, Mathias Birrer

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krfacts June Edition 2021

COVID-19 Legal Update: Short-time compensation, Working from Home, Hardship Assistance, Covid Certificates and more

Since September 27, 2020, the Covid-19 law has been in force. A referendum on this law will be held on June 13, 2021. The law provides the basis for the Federal Council to order the "Covid-19 measures" in the ordinances based on it. In this issue of krfacts, selected applicable federal regulations are highlighted. Status: June 10, 2021

Luca Eigensatz, Andrea Meule

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krfacts June Edition 2021

New obligations for companies to better protect people and the environment

The public initiative "For responsible companies - to protect people and the environment" (so-called corporate responsibility initiative) was rejected on November 29, 2020. Consequently, the indirect counter-proposal of the Federal Assembly will be implemented. In addition to the planned amendments to the Code of Obligations (CO), the preliminary draft of the associated Federal Council Ordinance is now available. Although the referendum period against the planned amendment and also the consultation period for the new Federal Council Ordinance are still running, it is useful to review the possible future obligations and the companies that will be affected perhaps as early as Q1 2022.

Andrea Meule, Dr. iur. Davide Pinelli, Luca Eigensatz

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KMU-Magazin Nr. 04/05, April/May 2021

What the new data protection law means for SMEs

Even though many of the provisions of the new Federal Data Protection Act (FADPA) are not new, they have taken on a new significance, not least because of the expanded enforcement mechanisms. This article shows where Swiss SMEs need to take action.

Dr. iur. Irma Ambauen, Andrea Meule

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krfacts April Edition 2021

New family law decisions of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court

In recent months, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court has issued several landmark rulings that will be of importance for family law matters in the future. We have summarized the most important points from these and also from earlier rulings for you in this issue of krfacts and illustrated them with an example.

Luca Eigensatz, Dr. iur. Markus Kaufmann

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KMU-Magazin Nr. 01/02, January/February 2021

The statutory paternity leave - Prerequisites and effects

Paternity leave helps fathers and their families, especially in the initial phase after child-birth. This article provides information on the eligibility requirements for paternity leave and its compensation, and sheds light on individual implications and problems under em-ployment and social security law.

Luca Eigensatz, Raffael Steger

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